Partnering With a Dance Brand to Find Its E-Commerce Footing

Famous for ballet slippers and pointe shoes, CAPEZIO is one of the top brands in the dance and performance apparel industry. Its wide range of products — including jazz shoes, tap shoes, and other dance footwear — are available in over 80 countries for both children and adults. Founded in 1887 by Salvatore Capezio, an Italian cobbler, the company quickly gained a reputation for its high-quality footwear. Many legendary dancers have worn Capezio shoes, including Rudolf Nureyev, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Misty Copeland. The New York City based brand has been the official supplier of footwear for numerous dance companies, including the American Ballet Theatre and the New York City Ballet.

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Lineout case study showing SEM, SMM, and analytics results for Capezio.
Section //Scope


  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Digital Analytics


Develop and deploy strategies to rapidly improve R.O.A.S., conversion rate, average order value, and conversion volume across three markets: USA, Europe, and Australia.

Section //Overview


Capezio’s digital teams needed a new paid media strategy supporting its sales channels. Facebook and Google ads required more active management, testing and optimization in order to reverse a worrying trend for the brand: poor ad efficiency and flagging conversion rates.

Capezio urgently needed to improve digital ad effectiveness and efficiency to accelerate revenue and customer acquisition.

Capezio case study from lineout for thier online dancewear store.
Section //Execution


  • Audit and rebuild Google ads strategy

  • Audit and rebuild Facebook ads strategy

  • Implement product catalog system improvements

  • Identify e-commerce site changes to optimize average conversion rate

  • Overhaul digital analytics and reporting capabilities


We audited Capezio’s website and collaborated with its web development team to improve conversion rates. Our early focus was optimizing site speed and product page layout. Next, we rebuilt digital catalogs to integrate more seamlessly with Google ads, Google Analytics, and Facebook ads. By adopting single product ad groups, we could more efficiently manage profitable products and eliminate wasteful spending.

Our attention then shifted to developing robust retargeting campaigns across platforms to leverage high organic traffic and reduce funnel leakage.

These efforts resulted in quick and decisive performance gains that had eluded the client due to suboptimal catalog optimization.

Over the following six months, we scaled the strategy, developing strong awareness campaigns across all channels, collaborating with the in-house organic social media team for content, and focusing on funnel optimizations to nurture new and existing customers.


Through a comprehensive approach to paid advertising over the first six months of our partnership, we quickly met the client's objective.

Site demand grew, with conversion volume increasing by 89%, aided by site optimizations that lifted the conversion rate from 2.53% to 5.14% (representing a 103% improvement). The average conversion value also grew by 119%. Importantly, these results were achieved efficiently — the ROAS average increased 127% from prior campaigns. In fact, we achieved these results without increasing ad spend during the initial six-month period, providing Capezio with the flexibility to maintain high margins and establish a profitable customer acquisition channel.

  • 89%Conversion volume increase
  • 103%Improved conversion rate
  • 119%Increased conversion value