Guiding a Direct-to-Consumer Retailer Through a Sticky Situation

Tape Jungle is the preeminent online superstore specializing in adhesive tapes. Founded in 2010, the store sells over 300 varieties of tape and packing supplies to both retail and commercial customers. Its proprietary 3D tape customizer provides users with an interactive preview of custom-design orders.

A broad offering of tapes, conversion and customization services, as well as fast order turnaround and outstanding customer support have positioned Tape Jungle near the top of its competitive set — as well as atop search engine results.

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Lineout case study showing SEM, SMM, CRO, SEO, web design, and analytics results for Tape Jungle.
Section //Scope


  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Facebook Ads Management

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Land Page & Web Development

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Digital Analytics


Increase gross sales on and third-party sellers.

Section //Overview


The marketing engine that had powered Tape Jungle’s success — strong organic search engine results — was sputtering. The store’s site was slow, its design and customer experience needed improvement, and its content wasn’t structured for SEO success. Tape Jungle’s efforts at paid search weren’t closing the gap. Campaigns had been underperforming and, as we later learned, conversion tracking was broken.

The client’s business was a complex one, with thousands of SKUs, conflicting marketing objectives and several well-known direct competitors. Despite these challenges, Tape Jungle was embarking on building an ambitious new shopping tool — a 3D visualizer of custom tape designs — which would require complex system integrations and a fresh approach to its marketing strategy. 

Section //Execution


  • Audit and rebuild Paid Search strategy

  • Strengthen SEO — deploying new keywords, structural fixes, and blog reorganization

  • UX enhancements — reconfigure website for improved speed and e-commerce conversion

  • Overhaul digital analytics and reporting capabilities

  • Implement product catalog system improvements and integrate with third-party sellers


The client approached Lineout seeking help with paid search campaigns, in an effort to stanch declining sales and softening organic search traffic. Our holistic analysis uncovered a variety of complicating factors at work, both operational and strategic, impairing Tape Jungle’s Google quality score and conversion rate. We executed a multi-pronged approach. By improving the site’s structure, design, content, and user experience, we increased the likelihood of converting visitors once traffic rebounded. To get that needed bounce, Lineout’s paid search team rebuilt the Google Ads account with a strategic focus on segmenting Tape Jungle’s product offering to attract high-spend business customers.

Creative copywriting, negative keyword tactics, and broad match keyword tests helped “pre-qualify” clicks (by filtering out low-spend retail customers), lowering the average cost per acquisition CPA and raising the average return on ad spend ROAS. Measuring the efficacy of our work necessitated a fresh implementation of analytics software, which played a central part in the ongoing conversion rate optimizations made to the site. Lineout also executed a repair to Tape Jungle’s original money maker: organic search. Capitalizing on structural changes to the site that enhanced its search visibility, Lineout designed a search-friendly content strategy spotlighting top-performing products and offering useful buyer’s guides to flex its domain expertise. 


Comparing 2018 results to the most current annual data, Lineout’s engagement with Tape Jungle fueled a 106% increase in sales revenue, driven by gains in total customers and orders — an improvement of 22.7% and 25.4%, respectively.

The average order value AOV rose by 25%, suggesting that Lineout’s paid search targeting of higher-spend enterprise customers hit the mark. Organic search performance also played a role. Comparing the last 2 years to the 2 years prior, organic search bounced back with impressions up 30%, site visitors 50% higher and revenue climbing 57%, with an AOV improvement of 37%.

  • 106%Increased sales revenue
  • 37%Increased average order value
  • 50%Traffic increase