Loyal to a Legend — Driving Sales and Easing Costs for NFL Great Jerry Rice's Energy Drink

G.O.A.T FUEL founder and three-time Super Bowl Champion, Jerry Rice, holds the record for most touchdowns in the National Football League and is widely considered the Greatest of All Time. Inspired by athletes’ need for healthier alternatives to popular sports and energy drinks, Rice tapped the natural power of cordyceps mushrooms, which help mountain goats thrive in the Himalayas, for an innovative new beverage combating physical and mental fatigue.

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Lineout case study showing SEM, SMM, CRO, and analytics results for G.O.A.T. Fuel.
Section //Scope


  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Digital Analytics


Improve sales performance and marketing efficiency by implementing a holistic strategy and new data analysis tools

Section //Overview


After the product’s launch and PR push, G.O.A.T. Fuel’s surge in sales flattened. The brand’s incumbent marketing agency struggled to spur consumer demand, pouring the client’s budget into expensive, low-return advertising.

Without a plan to grow the business profitably, G.O.A.T. Fuel was in trouble as a brand and as an investment to its backers.

Lineout’s G.O.A.T. Fuel case study on how we increased sales and eased costs.
Section //Execution


  • Rebuild client website with UX optimizations for e-commerce conversion rate and user engagement

  • Overhaul strategy for all paid advertising channels

  • In tandem with G.O.A.T Fuel’s creative agency Lineout crafted brand pillars and original video creative for monthly campaigns distributed on organic social channels, YouTube, website and across digital media platforms

  • Implement comprehensive digital analytics capabilities to track effectiveness of all advertising placements in order to capture data on repurchase rates and optimize ad spend


We began by auditing the client’s baseline digital-media strategy, identifying key gaps. To move quickly, we repurposed existing assets while developing new assets for testing across platforms. Next, our partner agency activated influencer campaigns, relaunched the website, and set up digital analytics for clearer attribution.

Next, we launched digital paid media campaigns, shifting the strategy toward awareness-building and retargeting at scale. Concurrently, we rolled out email marketing and additional tracking analytics.

Five months after kickoff, we launched the refresh of


Lineout’s optimizations to increased sales conversion from 1.20% to 2.77% on average, a gain of more than 130%.

Lineout’s strategy succeeded because of its focus on nurturing loyalty. G.O.A.T. Fuel’s customer lifetime value jumped from $41 to $69 on average in four months. The rate of repurchase for new customers climbed from 18% to 45%. For existing customers, the rate increased from 30% to 75%.

Five months into the engagement, the client’s revenue had increased by 707% without any substantial increase in advertising spend.

  • 130%Increased sales conversion
  • 707% Revenue increase