Jaywalk Rye and Lineout Launch Spirited Site for Whiskey Enthusiasts

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Jaywalk Rye and Lineout launch spirited site for whiskey enthusiasts.

The online flagship for Jaywalk Rye, designed and engineered by Lineout for New York Distilling Company, launched today at Lineout’s creative and engineering teams partnered with our client to produce a compelling user experience celebrating the bold and complex whiskeys bearing the Jaywalk Rye label.

The result of over a decade of meticulous planning and crafting, each spirit reflects an obsessive pursuit of flavor. True to its mission to put New York rye back on the map, Jaywalk Rye whiskeys feature the return of a native New York rye variety long ago abandoned by farmers, resulting in a taste that is bold, rare, and truly unparalleled.

Together with the client’s branding agency, Lineout developed the consumer-friendly website for Jaywalk Rye from concept to completion. Following a comprehensive discovery phase, Lineout activated its content-development and design teams before transitioning to front- and back-end web development, functionality testing and quality assurance. Lineout also offered content optimization, keyword integration, and user experience enhancements to boost search engine visibility, usability, and conversion rates.


The homepage features a black and white film loop, capturing a bustling downtown cityscape, and evoking the gritty charm and attitude of old New York. At the heart of this scene is Jaywalk’s Straight Rye Whiskey bottle, overlaying the vintage ambience with the brand’s signature faceted glass design. The branding across the site employs oversized and stylized typography directing users to explore Jaywalk Rye’s range of whiskeys and locate nearby stores. Navigation is user-friendly, featuring a clear menu at the top, along with links to Jaywalk Rye’s backstory, whiskey collection, tasting notes, store locator, and event reservation pages.

Our Whiskeys

Visitors explore Jaywalk Rye's trio of offerings — Straight, Bonded or Heirloom — each revealing distinctive flavor profiles, distillation methods, and mash bills. Product description pages feature a classic whiskey cocktail recipe customized to complement the unique character of each spirit. With sharp visuals and vivid descriptions, these pages reflect the strength and character of Jaywalk Rye’s assortment.

Tasting Notes

For whiskey enthusiasts, the site offers a barrel finder, enabling customers who purchase premium bottles to trace the barrel in which their whiskey was aged. Upon entering the barrel number, customers receive comprehensive information including its tasting notes, dating and location. Details on the bottling date and number of bottles produced from their barrel are also included.

Tech Stack

Lineout’s web development team leveraged GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP), a JavaScript library, to create dynamic site experiences with parallax effects. The website is powered by WordPress.

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