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A leader in creative marketing, Lineout's creative innovation recognized at W3 awards.

At the recent 18th Annual W3 Awards, Lineout’s website,, was honored with four juried prizes, including three golds.

Established in 2005, the W3 Awards celebrate digital excellence across a wide range of categories, including websites, marketing, video, mobile sites, apps, and more. The awards are voted on by members of New York’s Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (AVIVA), which includes digital marketers and creatives from renowned organizations like Publicis Sapient, Walt Disney Studios, Meta, Netflix, and IBM.

The full list of Lineout’s 2023 recognition from W3 follows:

  • Gold Award in the "General Websites - Professional Services" category.

  • Gold Award in the "Website Features - Best Home Page" category.

  • Gold Award in the "Website Features - Best Use of Animation" category.

  • Silver Award in the "Website Features - Best Visual Appeal - Aesthetics" category.

Lineout’s entry focused on the homepage of the agency website, which features an interactive rendering of a human brain. By quietly referencing the organ’s hemispheres for creativity and logic, the visual metaphor illustrates Lineout’s unique, interdisciplinary approach to digital marketing. 

When users arrive, the page establishes a celestial environment — a vast expanse of black fills with a geometric cerebrum that rotates and orbits, planet-like, as users navigate down the page. Next, the brain changes form, becoming reflective and colorful like a precious stone, as it advances in space toward the viewer. The visual language, including subtle effects of lighting, glitching, depth of field blur, and rhythmic motion all work together to create an immersive world. This kinetic aesthetic reinforces display copy about the harmonic pairing of logic and creativity, discovering opportunity and forging deeper partnerships.  

The page’s signature animations were developed using two JavaScript libraries — Three.js handled 3D animations, while transitions and other movements utilized GreenSock Animation Platform’s syntax for chaining, sequencing, and synchronizing animations. 

As an agency we are immensely proud to be recognized for our creative excellence, which is a byproduct of our talented team’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital media.

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