Welcome to LineoutA Note From the Agency's Founder

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Welcome to Lineout, a full service digital marketing agency.

Welcome. Zak Pinder, here — I’m a longtime digital growth consultant and an agency founder. I’m proud to be writing this inaugural blog post about our newly redesigned online home. reflects the DNA of our agency so well because it carries the fingerprints of many of the Lineout team. From all of us, I’d like to say: Come on in, we’re excited to show you around.   

A Mindful Approach: Where Art and Science Converge

As the immersive graphic on our homepage implies, we like to use our brains — all of it. Both creative problem-solving and quantitative reasoning play a role in every engagement we take. Some clients are surprised to learn how creative we are in our approach to data-driven disciplines like conversion rate optimization and attribution modeling. In fact, there is a little “Easter egg” on the site that speaks quietly to this aspect of Lineout. You might notice it, a glowing white star that follows your mouse's movements. The text orbiting the star reads, "Follow your instincts.” It’s an enigmatic call to action with real intention behind it. We believe that the best marketing results from bringing hard data and human behavior into dialogue. We’ve built our agency around that idea, and we’re excited to partner with brands that think so, too. 

Inside Our Toolbox: Tactics for Transformative Growth 

In our Capabilities section, you'll find the range of services we utilize when solving business challenges. From platform-based strategies — activating growth through search and social platforms; to the design and development of incredible digital experiences to data analytics services, our portfolio of growth-driving tactics helps our clients achieve their objectives efficiently.

Proof Points: Partnership Results

I’m especially excited to publish our first round of case studies from a distinguished and diverse cohort of clients, including educational institutions, e-commerce start-ups, and service providers. We pour our hearts into our work, and it’s gratifying to celebrate the impressive growth that has resulted from our client partnerships.

Integrity and Commitment, to the Core

Finally, in the About Us section, you'll learn more about our mission and values. As I mentioned, we excel by learning and listening. It comes naturally to Lineout’s talented team of marketers because we’re all compassionate people who feel strongly that integrity comes first.

When working with clients, learning takes the shape of active listening and thorough analysis. High-impact services and solutions don't materialize in isolation; they flow from a big unlock, born from carefully considered inputs.

So, as you explore our website, know that at the core of Lineout is a commitment to our client partnerships, integrity, and the belief that data and human intuition can work in harmony to produce remarkable results. We're here to help you navigate the evolving landscape of digital marketing and drive your business growth. Thank you for visiting.

Finally, I want to hear from you. What are your marketing challenges? Do you feel truly supported by your agency? Let me know at I’m listening. 

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