Plaey, the AI-powered Well-being App, Unveils Website Built by Lineout

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Plaey, The AI-powered Well-being App, Unveils Website Built By Lineout

Lineout is pleased to announce the site launch for Plaey, a group-based experiences startup focused on well-being, human connection and self development. From planning to execution, Lineout teams engineered the site to create an immersive and inspiring introduction to Plaey.

The app connects individuals to social experiences, counteracting isolation while enhancing well-being and personal development. Plaey utilizes science-backed assessments and artificial intelligence to offer busy professionals tailored experiences, including mindfulness practices, physical activities, and cultural exploration.

The result of a three-way collaboration between Lineout, our client and their branding agency, goes live today. Initial development steps involved a detailed assessment of Plaey’s requirements and market potential, followed by wireframing to visualize the site design, architecture and user experience. After completion of the rendering phase, our team transformed these mockups into a functional website, utilizing Next.js for user interface design and WordPress for backend server functionality, followed by extensive testing and performance optimization to ensure a seamless user experience across devices and browsers.


On the homepage, a video montage of serene, black-and-white tropical scenes, paired with vibrant text overlays, establishes the mindset and transformative experiences Plaey offers. The page serves as the hub of the site, featuring interactive sections that highlight Plaey’s core principles, product and service offerings, AI-powered personalized assessment, mobile app functionalities, user testimonials, and FAQs, all visible as the user navigates downward.

The Science

The technological and scientific foundations of Plaey’s proprietary well-being assessment, PlaeyPulse™, get unpacked on the platform’s science page using clean, well-organized copy and illustrative visuals. Visitors discover how Plaey measures well-being across six categories — connection, confidence, presence, purpose, adaptability, and joy — and learn the benefits of its services, including: reduced stress, improved relationships, enhanced productivity, and boosted resilience. To validate Plaey’s scientific approach, the site references the studies used in the research behind the app.

Why Plaey

Why Plaey reinforces the unique value propositions of the app through compelling narratives about its benefits and values — inspiring and motivating visitors by focusing on personal growth and improved quality of life. Scroll-triggered color changes capture and retain user interest, effectively conveying key selling points in an appealing style.

Tech Stack

Lineout’s web development team utilized Next.js, a React framework, for frontend development, and a headless WordPress configuration for backend content management to enable flexible stack integration and uninterrupted content migration.

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