Premium Water Filtration Startup Launches E-commerce Site Built by Lineout

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Premium Water Filtration Startup Launches E-commerce Site Built By Lineout

Developed and performance-engineered in collaboration with Lineout, elegantly showcases the advanced capabilities of the Wisewell Model 1, a new water purification device for the consumer market.

Wisewell’s next-generation technology converts tap water into clean, mineral-rich water, efficiently removing a wide range of contaminants, including lead, PFAS, and microplastics. This first-of-a-kind freestanding system sets a new standard for home filtration, featuring a sleek design and four purification stages. Users can monitor water quality, filter lifespan, environmental impact, and cost savings through the Wisewell mobile app.

Lineout worked collaboratively with Wisewell's agency and in-house team on the end-to-end site design and provided extensive development ahead of today’s launch. After reviewing the Wisewell brand’s requirements and researching market opportunities, Lineout built wireframe renderings of all features and functions, including user education pages, consumer testimonials, and app integration, before advancing to design and front- and back-end development. Rigorous testing and quality assurance followed to guarantee optimal performance and integration with Shopify, the site’s e-commerce platform. Lineout also contributed content, keywords, and user experience optimizations to aid search engine discoverability, usability and sales conversions.


A cinematic lifestyle montage at the top of the homepage shows the Model 1 playing a central part in family life. Lower on the page, unique selling points are presented: elegant design, hassle-free installation, insights-driven performance, and cost-effectiveness. The page establishes an aspirational brand, employing clean, high-quality photography and precise copywriting throughout.

Model 1 Product Detail Page

The Model 1 product detail page provides a comprehensive overview of the device, covering its features, specifications, and financing options. Users are greeted with a 3D-animated product tour highlighting the water reservoir, filtration controls, colorful illumination and adjustable vessel platform. Further down the page, technical details — such as the touch panel and temperature control — provide a more thorough understanding of the product's capabilities. Information is presented in an easy-to-understand format, using bullet points and icons to highlight key product benefits. The page also provides an overview of additional unseen features, including the full spectrum filtration technology and integrated app services, and rounds off with customer reviews offering social proof of the product’s value.

Full Spectrum Filtration

Wisewell’s product description page for filters offers users an in-depth look into its first-of-a-kind system by providing visibility into the multi-stage water filtration process. The page layout is clean and easy to navigate, incorporating a scroll-triggered animation to engage users in the science behind each filter's purpose and related contaminants.

Tech Stack

Lineout’s web development team leveraged GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP), a JavaScript library, to create engaging site experiences with scrolling-triggered animation and parallax effects. The e-commerce back-end is powered by Shopify.

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