Walmart names Lineout Marketing Partner for New Mobile App

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Walmart’s internal skunk works, Store Nº8 partners with Lineout.

July 1, 2023 — For the launch of the latest consumer app from Walmart’s internal skunk works, Store Nº8, the multinational retailer has partnered with Lineout for an innovative test-and-learn marketing strategy.

Store Nº8 supports ventures that align with a mission to drive future retail innovation and strengthen Walmart’s market share. The incubator, named after the Arkansas location where founder Sam Walton’s invented new retail ideas, takes the lead in developing tech-enabled solutions to customer problems. 

Lineout will work closely with Store Nº8 in the lead up to the launch of a new mobile app for consumers. The agency will leverage its digital media and analytics teams, employing testing strategies to validate the prototype’s concept, acquire users and study engagement data. In its collaboration with Walmart, Lineout will provide paid media, testing, reporting and optimization services to ensure the success of the app’s development process and debut.

“We’re honored to partner with Walmart,” said Zak Pinder, Lineout’s founder. “It's an incredible opportunity to support the startup lab of the nation's largest retailer. We’re looking forward to bringing this compelling new customer-centric product to market.”

About Store Nº8:

Store Nº8 serves as Walmart's innovation engine, incubating ideas that pioneer transformative retail experiences. As an independent entity supported by the retail giant, Store Nº8 is committed to using its unparalleled access to consumer insights to drive significant business impact on a national scale. Store Nº8 collaborates with entrepreneurs, startups, venture capitalists and academics to push the boundaries in virtual and augmented reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

About Lineout:

Lineout is a global digital marketing-services agency headquartered in Miami. Founded by Zak Pinder, Lineout approaches client partnerships with an emphasis on relational health to eliminate agency-client antagonism and facilitate supportive problem solving. Lineout’s multimodal marketing approach blends craft, culture, and quantitative analysis, with human collaboration at its core. Notable clients such as City National Bank, New York Distilling Company and Bombas rely on Lineout for innovative digital media solutions tailored to their unique challenges.

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